Bad. Ass.

Blitzwing is ST53's favorite Transformer. He is badass.


G1 Blitzwing is the coolest handful of triple-changin' badassery that ever walked, rolled AND flew over the face of the Earth. He comes with a gun, but he doesn't need it because he also comes with a sword. Yes, a robot that comes with a sword. He. Is. That. Bad. Ass.


For some reason, despite Blitzwing's badassery, this is the only other character ever created based on said badassedness. But he is still badass. Not only does he triple change into a robot, tank, and jet...his FACE even triple changes, each one tripling the badass level of the face prior to it. If you spin his face around enough times, it is quite possible that Animated Blitzwing may get up and kick your ass because you just keep piling badass on top of badass and...well, you asked for it.