Idiocracy costco

If he says that he loves you, he means that he'll love you forever

Bumblemus Prime is a member of TFINO, Tformers, and various other Transformers related message boards. His primary trait is his simple way of sharing his likes and dislikes. Also he seems to have a general naivite about the world in general.

Ok, there's a story here isn't there?Edit

So like I was saying, Bumblemus is just about the most annoying kind of message board member. He'll just blurt out non-sequitors with absolutely no regard for the flow of the conversation or the general tone of the board.

That's not a story, that's just trolling. Get on with itEdit

Ok, Ok jeez. Anyway. So one day back in the Tformers days Bumblemus had to announce that he had updated his profile with a picture of himself, and then the fun really began. NLTAG noticed that the picture resembled the character from the film Idiocracy who was a greeter at a bulk sale store and said nothing but "Welcome to CostCo, I love you." Over and over agian. Of course this lead to several members asking Bumblemus about his job at CostCo, as well as simply saying to him "Welcome to CostCo, I love you" OVER AND OVER again. It was pretty funny, you had to be there. This upset Bumblemus though, becuase he works for Wal-Mart, a competitor of CostCo.

So why didn't he just stop coming to the board?Edit

Bumblemus is one of the few, the proud, the stupid who decided to announce to the world that he was leaving and never coming back. While his thread was no I Stand Alone, it did generate a similar result in that the guy just couldn't help but stick around and continue to respond as people continually bashed on him within the thread and around the board. Hell! He still posts at Tformers regularly. One day TFINO members decided to raid TFormers and rag Bumblemus... and rag they did. The shoutbox was a virtual Costco entrance with all the "Welcome to Costco" comments. This lead to BaCon cleaning all the non-Bumblemus comments from the shout box and banning a number of "Dual Status" members who were not yet banned. slugpitcher could never get a response but he suspects that this is what sent him to Looserville even though he was nowhere around at the time. It seems he had actual work to do while at is job during the raid.

But where were the Moderators and Admins during all of this? Surely they were dishing out warnings like candy over the abuse people were giving this guy. I hear they're pretty strict over there.Edit

They were cool with it. Heck BaCon bashed on the kid just as much as anyone.

But what does any of this have to do with TFINO?Edit

NLTAG... might have visited another board one day and posted links for TFINO... and Bumblemus just might have joined, and then quickly stopped posting after being bashed pretty much from post one. Leading him to start the worst Transformers message board ever... Moonbase 42.

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