Dx3 is the photoclub of TFINO, often found posting photoshoots of new toys in the (In)action Pose Thread for the sole purpose of spending other members' money for them. Other annoying hobbies of this supposed carbon-based lifeform include (but are not limited to): poating while nekkit, poating while masturbating, poating while nekkit and masturbating, poating while nekkit and masturbating to pictures of your sister, creating custom TF's that are often not the taste of any member of TFW or the Allspark, cursing A LOT, Star Wars Lego, buying dang near anything made out of plastic and resembling some kind of "cool" robot, Penis, flipping BuddyKiller the bird and general Douchebaggery.

Monkey vs. ChickenEdit

Dx3 is not a known supporter in any way.... but he posts it. Often even.





Donald Duck

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