Fartwind is commonly associated with Micromaster Butthump. He does not appear to be as beloved by Wildcard as Micromaster Butthump is, but Wildcard adores all G1 Transformers, so it can be assumed that his love for Fartwind is still mighty.

What is he?Edit

Fartwind is even rarer than Micromaster Butthump, and much of the information on him is lore and speculation. There is even debate on what Fartwind is. CHL insists that Fartwind is an Action Master, with NLTAG believing he might even be an Action Master Elite. Lukeblast thinks that Fartwind is a Targetmaster, and that Fartwind and Micromaster Butthump form an... unconventional partnership. " Binary Bonding "

It's possible that both are the case, given that many Action Masters were "upgraded" forms of past characters. Perhaps Fartwind was a transmastered individual who began life as a Targetmaster partner, then had master-reassignment surgery.

What's he turn into?Edit

As a Targetmaster partner, Fartwind would have turned into a gun. Given his name, presumably this would have been some form of air-compression cannon or toxic gas emitter. Maybe chili-powered, in order to conserve valuable energon. Who Fartwind was partnered with (professionally) is unknown.

As an Action Master, Fartwind would not have had an alternate mode, but likely would have had some vestigial hints and elements of his former mode. If he was upgraded from a Targetmaster form, this means he probably would have had a gun barrel as long as he is mounted on his waist. Sounds about right.

If an Action Master Elite, Fartwind would have a very simplistic "alternate mode because we say so" transformation. Documentation suggests that he would have bent over at the waist and gripped a buttcheek in each hand, spreading said buttcheeks and exposing a horrible Lovecraftian void. This would be known as his "Goatse Monster" mode.

Are he and Micromaster Butthump really... you know...Edit

Existing evidence is that the two of them were "partners." As a Micromaster, Micromaster Butthump cannot have a Targetmaster. Nor would it make sense for Fartwind to be an Action Master with a Micromaster as a companion. Because we at TFINO err on the side of Buttsecks whenever possible, the obvious conclusion is that one of them would insert his robo-PAY-nus and Pound The Farts Out Of the other.

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