Trippple-neck fury.

Generation Zero is a TFans member who joined in 2005 as part of INH's "Second Wave." He is a musician IRL and at one point owned a triple-necked electric guitar. He is responsible for the best kitbash (and kitbash tutorial) ever, providing a fully documented photo shoot of his transformation of an old Professor X figure into Chip Chase (as a parody of RodimusVTS' ill-conceived kitbash of a Dino Riders figure into Daniel Witwicky). Generation Zero circumvented the problem of Professor X having no hair by topping his head with chocolate Jell-O pudding.

Wikkid should be this good.

He Had a Splinter Board TooEdit

It was a single-forum board that was intended only for spam purposes, prefiguring The Guld Guild.


Generation Zero is currently MIA, mostly due to his lack of internet.

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