Greater success is usually had by completely erasing the captions and starting over.

It's still not funny.

Explanation, please?Edit

Have you read the thing?

Thanks, Mr. HelpfulEdit

Alright, fine. When TFINO first formed, its members (ever the sarcastic ones) came up with the idea of creating their own news reporter, bsx_steve, a satirical take on Tformers own "reporter" MISP_Steve. Since TFINO is not really a major force in the Transformers fandom (YET!), the "news articles" were usually not really news at all, but rather out-dated news scoops, rumors, copy pasta'd news stories from other fan sites, rather obvious statements (Optimus Prime to be TRUKK in upcoming Transformers film!) and outright falsehoods. In order to drive home the point that bsx_steve was not in any way actually reporting the news, one unusually bright and creative member of TFINO came up with the idea of closing out every bsx_steve news story with the statement, " other news; Lil Formers still sucks." Because, really.

Who was this creative member?Edit

We're not sure, but ST53 thinks he had something to do with it. Either the bsx_steve thing, or the "lil formers" thing. Hey! Everyone else gets to come up with memes.