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This picture makes Atmo squeal.

Lord Atmo is the biggest Starscream fanboy in the world. His love for the character is based on weird rules that he has devised and odd assumptions about the character that only he is completely aware of. These rules cause him to, for whatever reason, reject the Starscream design created for Michael Bay's live action Transformers movie, despite loving pretty much everything else about the movie franchise. His rejection of the Starscream design led to some debates between him and Hobbes that would be waged for pages, often to the angst of the other board members. But Hobbes considered the online arguments to be a kind of sport, and was always ready to do battle.

Deathmarch also battled Atmo many times over the real Starscream and what classifies a Transformer to really be a real Starscream. Most of those fights ended with Atmo conceding to Deathmarch, and Deathmarch feeling like a douche or a champion depending on the amount of time it took to get Atmo to STFU.

Lord Atmo is also a big fan of trains.


Bootleg Megatron

Jett not Munkey

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