Micromaster Butthump is Wildcard's favorite Transformer.

Released toward the end of the Transformers line, Micromaster Butthump is a rare and largely unknown figure. He has no fictional appearances, and may not even have a Tech Spec. No carded samples have ever surfaced. Wildcard is the only TFINO member known to have a complete specimen, and in fact he has several, but all of them lovingly reside so far Up the Anus that light cannot penetrate, even when he's opened-up all Goatse-style to play "space bridge" with his G1 Optimus Prime diecast-and-plastic mans.

Who is Micromaster Butthump?Edit

Micromaster Butthump has caused a great deal of speculation among TFINO members, most of whom attribute things to him randomly out of half-formed memories. Unfortunately, this is compounded by the existence of Butthumper, a yellow Mexican repaint knockoff that was sold on Micromaster Butthump's card. However, certain facts are evident:

-Micromaster Butthump is a Micromaster. Ergo, vis-a-vis, Micromaster Butthump.

-The alternate mode and color of the existing figure are themselves debated elements. Consensus seems to be that he was a ground vehicle. This means he was probably a tank or a car, since that's 99.9% of Micromasters with ground-based modes.

-The non-existent fiction of Micromaster Butthump says that he is "pals" with Fartwind, another highly-debated Transformer among TFINO members. Lukeblast insists that the two are life partners who cannot marry because Cybertronian society shuns their love in a way that Tramp would approve of because he's a raging homophobic robosexual. However, Lukeblast loves the taste of cock and is probably not a reputable source himself.

Modern TakesEdit

CHL believes that Reveal the Shield Mindset is actually a rendition of Generation 2 Micromaster Butthump. Micromaster Butthump's lack of fiction and the non-existence of Micromasters in the G2 line make this doubtful--but it WOULD explain why Mindset looks virtually nothing like Mindset.

NLTAG maintains that Power Core Combiners Mudslinger is some form of homage or reimagining of Micromaster Butthump. In regular robot mode, the "combiner mode" head has handles on it and is buried in the figure's crotch, seemingly as a form of tribute to the original Micromaster Butthump's self-fellating action feature.

Classics Buttplug appears to be a new version of Micromaster Butthump with his name changed for trademark reasons. Why someone else would want to trademark the name "Micromaster Butthump" is unknown. Sadly, no one has found Classics Buttplug at retail, so there are no good pictures to verify the homage, just fuzzy sasquatch-like "proof" snapped by Chinese factory workers on their Communist cellphones.

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