A forum for likemindless individuals

Moonbase 42 was suposed to be a grand experiment. The plan for for the biggest transformers fan of all to gather others for his ilk to have serious and well thought out conversations about Transformers and to discuss the ramifications of the francise on the metazeigeist as a whole. IN short it was to be a haven for Transformers fans, away from the persecution of the world as a whole, and the immaturity of other forums. A utopia of the internets if you will.

Of course this could only fail, and fail it did. Hard.

Where does the name come from?Edit

If I had to wager a guess, I'd say from the creator juxtapositioning the Moonbases from Transformers: The Movie with the number 42 from the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, but I fear I'm giving him too much credit really.

So what happened... really?Edit

Bumblemus was all butthurt because no one liked him and after finding TFINO and being further butthurt made his own message board in a fit of angst. Unfortunately the only people who knew about it were people from TFINO so it was doomed from second one.

Full member roster of Moonbase 42Edit

Bumblemus -The Admin

Stormtrooper53 - The Moderator

Optimus Prime Bitches - The Joker

Jerrod - The Puppet Master

This is Hobbes, Bitches - The Tiger.


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