Stuffed tiger wearing a sombrero

Mrs. Hobbes after one too many margaritas on their honeymoon.

Mrs. Hobbes is the wife of Hobbes and perhaps the TFINO spouse most aware of what goes on in the dark corners of TFINO. From obscenely fat chicks in the shower, to religion and political discussion, and third party toy debates, she embraces it all. Plus she has a Spider-Man bellybutton ring.

You wish you were married to her.

As a result of being married to Hobbes, Mrs. Hobbes is also IRL familiar with Hunter and Jerrod.

Favorite Transformer

Blackarachnia. Specifically her incarnation in Beast Wars. Not only does Mrs. Hobbes enjoy the strong female characters, but she gets all weak in the knees when fictional characters find love.

Transformer Moments That Make Her CryEdit

Dinobot's death.

Bumblebee's capture by Sector Seven.

Geeky Stuff Other Than Transformers That She EnjoysEdit


Tiger truck 175

She may or may not actually be a truck. The jury is still out. Either way, her love for Hobbes is like a truck.


200X He-Man


Astonishing X-Men

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