OP2K5 has a page now. He's a former/semi-current member of TFormers, specifically of INH, and was best known for his epic pwnings of DiddlyJack, his sworn INH nemesis. OP2K5's full name is OmegaPrime2005, but this was shortened to avoid confusion with other phaggs on TFans who copied his name idea.

OP2K5 has been known to display great vehemence when discussing Sesame Street and breastfeeding.  When his wife was in labor with their second child, OP2K5 spent the time being a supportive husband by posting on TFINO about it.

Early History with TFans/TFormersEdit

OP2K5 was a lurker for a very long time on TFormers/TFans and often frequented INH 1.0 as "Guest." However, after the collapse of INH 1.0, he decided to finally emerge from his cocoon of anonymity and formally join TFans.

INH 2.0 & DiddlyJackEdit

Not long after his joining TFans formally as OmegaPrime2005, INH 2.0 was created and became seemingly flooded with n00bs,
including a fucker by the name of DiddlyJack, or DJ as he was colloquilly known. DJ and OP2K5 did not get along from the start because of DJ's utter fuckery, gheyness, and n00bness, making him an immediate target for OP2K5's first n00b pwning. Also included was another n00b INH 2.0 came to hate as well: MegasRocks.

the months went by, OP2K5 continued his assault on DJ, including an attempt to get a new emoticon added to the board specifically made for DJ. However, this attempt was sadly stopped by the admins at TFans, but it did not stop others from RIGHT-CLICK & SAVE'Ding the image for their own use later.

DJ eventually decided to splinter away from INH and TFans in general, which was considered a good move by all. To this day, he hasn't been heard from by TFINOers, and even if he tried, he would be ignore'D.

Current statusEdit

Since the fall of INH 2.0 and TFormers in general, OP2K5 has been kicking around TFINO and only briefly returning to TFormers on occasion to search for good deals on toys. With the overall lack of n00bs on TFINO, OP2K5 has spent his time enjoying being a casual board member.

Obsession with Phil Ken SebbenEdit

OP2K5 has an unhealthy obsession with the Harvey Birdman: Attorney At Law character known as Phil Ken Sebben. This obsession unfortunately goes beyond the fringes of the Internet into IRL, where he is known to where a Phil Ken Sebben T-shirt and uses Phil's trademark laugh as a ringtone. If Phil Ken Sebben toys were ever actually produced, he would likely buy, worship, and make sacrifices to them in the hopes that the gods would allow new episodes of Harvey Birdman to be made.

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