To "Pet one's balls" means to lovingly stroke something you adore.

Where the hell did that saying come from, anyway?Edit

Originally posted by CHL on March, 29 2010:

"So I got a PM from Megatron this weekend kindly asking me to stop making fun of him for being into transsexuals. He said it greatly upsets him, and has made it difficult to come around here. He then told me that he has met a new girl, and that she is beautiful, smart, funny, and the sex is amazing, and that she totally has a vagina. He said she does this one weird thing though; every time they get done having sex, she sits there and pets his balls. Megatron said that at first it wasn't that big of a deal, but it kind of started to bug him so I told him to just ask her what was up.

So he asked he the other night, "why is it that you pet my balls every time after we get done having sex?"

She replied, "Oh, I just miss mine."

So Megatron is into the trannies?Edit

All signs point to "yes".

Typical Megatron's ResponsesEdit

  • "But I'm totally straight!!"
  • "I'm soooo not into guys, guys!!"
  • "............"

Yep, typically.

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