Pounfs are a unit of measurement used to determine an individual's hotness or boneability.


Pounfs were inadvertently discovered by Dark Narcoleptic and further developed by Stormtrooper53, who posited that they were Pounded Farts and thus could be used to assign a value to chicks related to how hot/sexy/dsireable that individual is. The hotter the chick...the more pounfs she is worth.


Being a relatively new discovery in the field of science, the Pounf Scale of Value is still being developed. While it is understood that a really fugly chick would be assigned a value of 0 pounfs, there is some debate over whether or not there should be an upper limit placed on an individual's pounf value. While an upper limit would make it easy to compare the value between two indviduals on the Pounf Scale of Value, there is concern that an artificial ceiling on the pounf value could serve to devalue some individuals.

I mean, some people may want to hop on a chick and pound the farts out of her indefinitely, so why stop once you hit the upper limit, AMIRITE?

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