Shockwave is a member of TFINO.

Shockwave Through The Internet YearsEdit

Shockwave came into being in February of 2004 when he signed up at TFans as Shockwave2005, which led to much posting about all things Transformers there without incident for five years, until the Great RIBFIR debate of 2009, when he was uncerimoniously banned by BaCon for simply being of the opinion that TFINO was more fun nowadays. Oh, and taking part in winding up freaks TFans such as Tramp in said RIBFIR debate.

About 10 months before RIBFIR, Shockwave was notified about a more interesting and NOT SRS BIZNIS website called TFINO by Cuban Pete, who had formerly been a member and Admin at TFans. After joining TFINO, Shockwave realized that it was indeed more fun in Funkytown, whereas his previous dwelling had become a refuge for fanboys who had an insane level of fanboyishness and no sense of humor.

Shockwave also likes it when people buy the stuffs he has in his sale thread at TFINO.

Known AliasesEdit


-Satan's Camaro


-Fuddrucker McChugnuss

List of Humorless Insane FanboysEdit



-Lord Atmo


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