I'm overjoyed.

Squee is an orgasmic release-like cry of joy, typically uttered upon seeing pictures of, general news about the pending release of, or receiving a much anticipated toy or item. The number of letter "e"s used can vary, but there should be at least two.


Poster 1: Here are pics and confirmation of MP Rodimus.

Poster 2: (probably Hot Rod or Cuban Pete) SQUEEEEEEEEE!!!!


Unknown, but Stormtrooper53 will claim first use at the TFINO. He thinks he subconsciously began using it after reading his dad's copy of a Magnus, Robot Fighter graphic novel. Magnus has the ability to fight robots and destroy them WITH HIS BARE HANDS, typically with a judo chop to the neck. "Squeeeee" is the death cry uttered by a vanquished robot. And since the French call an orgasm le petite mort, "the little death"...oh, you're still reading? Look, I'm really stretching to explain this, alright?

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