Nice banner ad, n00b. Ever heard of AdBlock? is the unofficial successor to INH 2.0 and possibly TFans itself. TFINO stands for "Transformers Fans In Name Only," a reference to the common fan practice of labeling an unwelcome new / updated version of their favorite property as "_____ In Name Only". This name is fitting for several reasons: one, the majority of the TFINO membership are veterans of INH (a forum where sincere fanboyism was consistently met with ridicule); and two, laughing at fan rage is funny. Especially when it's your own.

In actual fact, most active members of TFINO are really big Transformers fans. Just not the type to label something "In Name Only" when they don't like it. (Except, of course, for themselves as fans.)

It's meta, okay? Get over it.


In the beginning was SFC, and some other guys who wanted to start their own Transformers message board, to be named "". They hooked themselves to Transformers news site and a symbiotic relationship was soon developed. Eventually, TFans became subsumed wholly into TFormers (they even changed the color scheme!). TFINO was begun as an attempt to return to the salad days of TFans. In other words, like all splinter boards, it was birthed out of extreme angst toward the board it was splintering from.

It should be noted that SFC was absent for much of this internet drama, relying as always on his well-honed sense of apathy.

Other Information About TFINOEdit


The Transformers fan site heirarchy.

It is, surprisingly, still active. We'll give it another couple of years, max.