Angry baby head

TFINO Wiki Angst is the as-yet unresolved tension between the TFINO-centric and TFans-centric fractions of TFINO. Everyone else is just waiting for someone to create an entry for "Hutner's Asian Fetish".

Another Example:Edit

Another good example of TFINO Wiki Angst is when Cuban Pete gets all pissy and his vagina bleeds when something isn't formatted on the Wiki in the way he likes. Like how this entry was bolded here even though you're not supposed to do it twice. YOU'RE NOT! EEEAAAUUUGGHHH!!!

See what I mean?Edit

That "shouldn't be bolded" shit up there? All Cuban Pete pissiness there.

So That's How It IsEdit

Pete is SO creating a category for "People He Hates" and adding CHL to it. FOERVER!!1

And here we go again...Edit

I'm sure Pete's list will be formatted EXACTLY the right way.


Because Pete isn't a big stupid head. With a smelly butt.

You know what?Edit

I'm not inviting you to my birthday party anymore. And we are going to have that cake you really like.



See what you did?Edit

More cake for me. You don't even get a goodie bag.

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