or Taz Bot was a member of Tfans around 2006 who managed to amass a mighty post count by simply posting :pfx (it's a smiley, duh) which basically means "I agree" in pretty much every thread ever. People started to catch on and whenever a poster (and by poster I mean witty INHer) would want to express agreement, they would post ":tazbot" as a response.

Who quoined the phraseEdit

Who cares, but you can bet it was someone awesome.

But surely there was angst involvedEdit

hey you betcha! Nothing on an internet message board is without angst. Once the meme got started, tazbot seemingly got all butt-hurt about it and complained. So resident niceguy Bizzmoff told everyone they could use HIS name instead of tazbots. Met with generally "meh" since making fun of Bizzmoff was like making fun of your elderly and loving grandpa, everyone pretty much just kept up the :tazbot stuff until he eventually quit posting,