What you thought the Estate was like.

The Estate was created in 2006 by SuperFireConvoy as a subforum of INH, invisible to all except those who had been granted access by the TFans administration. The first members of the Estate were Guld and Lord Madhammer, who were specifically chosen for their blatant asscakery in an attempt to reduce their negative influence in INH. All moderators could view the Estate by default, but it took some time before they could post or enjoy full moderator privileges in the forum.

The Estate was systematically dismantled by Pete in 2008 during his brief tenure as an admin at TFormers.

The mere existence of the Estate was a great source of angst to INHers who had not been invited to join it. This despite the Estate's original purpose as a holding pen for INH's worst members.

What the Estate was really like.