The Jailhouse was an original concept created by Guld. He created it over at The Guild as a place to put Johnny Reb when he abused his powers as a moderator at The Guild. Guld was gone from The Guild for a week and Johnny Reb decided to take over and start a revolution. When Guld returned he wasn't very happy with what Johnny Reb had been doing in his absence so he created The Jailhouse.

Pete got the idea for the Jailhouse from Guld. It's a good place to put people when they get out of line

This is X-Bobs place. A place created just for him where only he can post cause he's being a complete :pudding. No one can post here but him and he cannot post outside of here.

One time...Edit

... ah who am I kidding, I got nothing but I'm sure someone will fill this in soon. How soon you say? As soon as now is soon. Well when is soon gonna be now? I dunno 1ST BASE!!!!!

The Jailhouse is actuallyEdit

...a place where the shadow government of TFINO can put members when they're being retarded. When members are resticted to the jailhouse they can only post in this forum. To date, only Xbob and IrCYop have been banished here. It is moderated by Stormtrooper53, and he does an awesome job of moderating it. WAAAAAAAAAAY better than that other moderator. You know the one I mean!

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