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Tramp is a TFans member who likes to emphasize his points with oddly selected words in bold.


He has some really strange ones on robot reproduction. Namely, the manner in which they reproduce.


Like, he thinks about it. A LOT.

Do You Have Evidence of These Theories?Edit

Sure! Posted at Tfans on 14 June 2007

We have never seen direct evidence, but we do have plenty of circumstancial evidence. No, we don't see any of them "going at it like a couple of rabbits in heat", but that is only because it isn't appropriate for the target audience, (kids). Your own example of Deahtsaurus and Leozak being one of them. That is strong circumstancial evidence. They both have "wives and children". Wives and children means that sexual reproduction has occured off screen. In the American cartoons (also aired in Japan), we had several obviously romantic couples; Optimus Prime and Elitia-1, Ironhide and Chromia, Infernor and Firestar, Powerglide and Moonracer. You don't have courtship without the possibility of sexual reproduction. Reproduction is the sole purpose of courtship and romantic pairing. there is no other reason it. Secondly, there are more than enough examples of species which reproduce sexually that can also in certain circumstances do so through a process called parthenogenisis, which is the devlopment of an egg into a new life, without fertilization. It is a form of apparent asexual reproduction in an otherwise sexual species. In all actuality, it is self fertilization. A number of reptile and insect species are capable of it in real life. Also, Dinobot II was a genetically engineered being, not naturally born, so that doesn't quite work. The example of Lio Junior is an example of parthenogenisis.

Understand something. Sexual reproduction does not necessarily mean that two Transformers got naked and went at it like a couple of rabbits in heat, though that is one possibility. In fact, in most cases, "getting naked" seems pretty much out of the question (unless you believe some of the fan fiction out there). I think about the only one that reall could get naked would be Thunderblast from TF: Cybertron, and that is because she actually does have breasts under her armor. We can actually see them in the cartoon. Plants sexually reproduce through pollen. Many fish sexually reproduce by the female laying her unfertilized eggs and then the male coming along after and fertilizing them. There is no copulation involved. Male octopi insert the tip of one of their arms into the female to fertilize the eggs. Different sexual life forms have different methods to fertilize the egg of the female, either internal or external. The exact method is not important, nor is it appropriate in some cases.

So, let's break it down. In two inter-related continuities (the US and UK Marvel continuities) we have all Cybertronians being male with the exception of a single "female" created specifically for human relations. In every other continuity (G1 or otherwise) we have multiple female Cybertronians most of whom have never been to Earth or even met a human being. We have romantic pairings betwen male and female Cybertronians of both factions, and at least one clear example of nuclear families among Cybertronians (father, mother and children). We have a related race, the Lithonians, who are also divided into genders and have families and children. The circumstancial evidence is more than strong enough to prove the capability of some form of sexual reproduction among Cybertronians.


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