Magic >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Science

It is a time where magic is more powerful than science, and only those that control the magic control destiny! They are the Gheybos Visionaries Gheybos!

Visionaries: Knights of the Magical Light was a short-lived toy line, cartoon, and comic that was very popular with several TFINO members, including Plumper and Pete.

Why is Visionaries so awesome?Edit

It's about two feuding knight clans that have animal shape-shifting powers. They also have cool staffs and vehicles that ignite kickass spells when they are used! The toys were the first major use of holograms for toys. We shit you not!

Animal Totems?Edit


Run Witter! Run!

Each of the Spectral Knights and Darkling Lords is represented by an animal of Prysmos (an alternate Earth). Some of the animals are seen on Earth, others are fantastical creatures not seen on Earth. The animal totems are related to either a physical or emotional trait (or both) of the knights. They may call on this animal, there by turning into the animal itself for an undetermined amount of time. It has been suggested that the longer the knights stay in their animal forms the weaker they will be once turning back into human form. Various magical spells can extend the amount of time a Visionary can stay in animal form. The Spectral Knights became blue versions of their animals and the Darkling Lords became green versions of their animals.


Prysmos Suns

The Three Suns of Prysmos

Prysmos is the planet that the Visionaries story takes place on. It is an alternate Earth, where there are three suns: a green sun, a blue sun, and a yellow sun. When the three suns aligned, it began the Second Age of Magic, creating a massive series of cataclysms that shattered the Age of Science. A massive EMP-like surge ripped through Prysmos, shutting down all electrical devices permanently. Many cities and towns crumbled, massive earthquakes shifted the continents around, tidal waves rushed the lands, and meteors crashed to the surface. New Valarak was established as the dominant kingdom on the western continent: the main habitable land mass on Prysmos after the Great Cataclysm.

The Spectral Knights -- The Good Guys:Edit

VSML Leoric

Crack That Whip!

LEORIC -- Leader of the Spectral Knights and Prince of New Valarak. He is represented by the totem animal of the Lion. Leoric is smart, tough, and fearless. He is a natural-born leader. His main weapon is a whip. His magic staff possesses the spell of Wisdom: calling forth the Great Owl of Wisdom to assist Leoric by giving him advice on whatever subject he most needs.

VSML Arzon


ARZON -- One of the two young Spectral Knights (alongside Feryl). Arzon is overly-eager, rash, and optimistic. He is represented by the totem animal of the Eagle. His main weapon is that of razor-bladed mace. His magic staff can call forth the Bearer of Knowledge to grant Arzon an encyclopedic reference to anything he may ask.

VSML Cryotek


CRYOTEK -- The oldest and strongest of the Spectral Knights. He is gruff, powerful, and hardy. He comes from the great snowy city of Northalia. The mighty Bear is Cryotek's animal totem. A triple-headed flail is Cryotek's weapon of choice. His staff possesses the spell that brings the Archer of Strength, who fires a powerful arrow.

VSML Ectar

Sly Fox!

ECTAR -- Once a policeman in Old Valarak, he is now Leoric's right hand. He often acts as an advisor to Leoric. Ectar is quick-witted and has great instincts. His main weapon is a dual-bladed arm band/punching knife. The Fox is his totem animal. He does not possess a magical staff, but instead can activate machinery, with the Lancer Cycle as his main vehicle. The Lancer Cycle can cast a spell of Protection over the cycle and rider.

VSML Feryl

Hungry Like The Wolf!

FERYL -- The youngest and most naive of the Spectral Knights, Feryl has incredible senses of hearing and smell. He is also agile and quick. He is one of Leoric's greatest friends. Feryl's totem animal is that of the Wolf. His weapon of choice is a dual-curved dagger that gives off an unknown electrical charge. Feryl, like Ectar does not carry a magical staff, but instead can control machinery. He is the pilot of the Capture Chariot, which can cast the spell of Fireballs from any of the three magical ports on the chariot.'

VSML Galadria

Strike Her!

GALADRIA -- The only female member of the Spectral Knights. She is graceful, smart, and compassionate. Her totem animal is that of the Dolphin, being that she is the best swimmer of the Spectral Knights. Galadria uses a short lance often, but is seen using a variety of weapons. Unlike the other knights, she has no magical staff or ability to control machinery. However, (in the comics) she has a magical shield that casts the spell of Healing.

VSML Witter

Worst Drawn Scene! Ever!

WITTERQUICK -- The fastest and most athletic of all the Spectral Knights, Witterquick is hasty, a bit reckless, and witty. He also is shown to be a decent leader, giving out commands during one of Leoric's absences. His main weapon is that of a bladed-edged boomerang. He is represented by the speedy Cheetah as his animal totem. Witterquick can call forth the spell of Lightspeed with his magical staff, granting him the ability to run across country within seconds.

The Darkling Lords -- The Bad Guys:Edit

  • DARKSTORM -- The Leader of the Darkling Lords and a King of the conquered lands of Blackmoor, Veldt, and Blackdack. Darkstorm loves being cruel and dominating others. His main weapon is that of a double-sided axe. His animal totem is that of the Mollusk, which on Prysmos is a large dragon-like creature with a shell on it's back that moves like a slug. His magical staff casts the spells of Decay or Rejuvenation, allowing him to undo his own rotting powers.

  • CINDARR -- Cindarr is the oldest, strongest, and dumbest of the Darkling Lords. He is not actually a bad person, as seen when he did not want to harm a baby unicorn. He just has a rivalry with Cryotek and doesn't understand how evil Darkstorm really is. He does enjoy the occasional cruel joke however. He actually joined up with Darkstorm simply to save his own skin and to get better food than he was currently able to acquire. His main weapon is a very large spiked club. The Gorilla is his animal totem. Cindarr's magic staff can summon the Beast of Destruction, a 50 ft. tall ogre-like monster that breaths fire and wields a massive sword.

  • CRAVEX -- While Cravex is a murderous fighter, he prefers to scare others away from whatever their goal may be. Allowing him to swoop in and steal the prize without fuss. His rage knows no bounds and is often seen threatening others. His animal totem is the Phylot, a large dinosaur-like scavenging bird on Prysmos. Cravex weapon of choice is a large axe. Cravex's staff calls forth the Spider of Fear which brings out the greatest fears a person may have upon touching them.

  • LEXOR -- He is the coward of the group, always turning his yellow streak into a form of defense. He is often at odds with Cravex, who would like nothing more than to skin Lexor alive. His totem animal is the Spiked Armadillo. Lexor uses a S-shaped hook weapon. Lexor calls forth the spell of Invulnerability with his staff, protecting himself and others in a large dome.

  • MORTDRED -- Mortdred is a massive sycophant to Darkstorm. He worships the ground the Darkling Lord walks on. For his devoted servitude, his animal totem is that of the Beetle. Mortdred has no magical staff, but can control machinery with a thought. His vehicle of choice is the Sky Claw, which can summon the beastly Wyvern and Dragon. His most-used weapon is that of a saw-tooth scythe.

  • REEKON -- A master thief, Reekon is quick-witted with a great eye for treasure. He has a long-standing rivalry with the Spectral Knight Ectar. His favored weapon is a serrated, double-edged sword. The Lizard is Reekon's totem animal. Like Mortdred, Reekon has no staff, but can control machinery through magic. His vehicle of choice is the Dagger Assault, a large machine that carries the Magical Extractor: a coffin-like area which can separate any magic user from his or her magical powers.

  • VIRULINA -- The only female Darkling Lord, she is the rival of Galadria. She is a master of extortion. Virulina is cruel and very aggressive. Virulina's animal totem is that of the Shark. She uses a curve-bladed wand-line weapon. Like Galadria, she has no magical staff, nor can she control machines. However, (in the comics) she had a shield that cast the spell of Disease.

The Toys:Edit


Holograms! Hell Yeah!

Visionaries had a toy line that utilized holograms for the magical powers.

This was the first major use of this type of hologram for toys. Ever.

Each character toy included a special weapon, a staff (unless they were a counterpart to a vehicle), and a removable helmet.

There were no toys for the female knights. Bummer!

This is Possibly the Single Most Informative Page on the WikiEdit

Transformers gets like three sentences. Visionaries practically gets a fansite. Why? Because it's that kickass.

But really, you'd almost think this is a real wiki with credible information and shit.

Or it could be because the guy who made this page is the biggest fanboy at TFINO....the world may never know.

Universe GalvatronEdit


Huh? He looks awesome! Oh wait, that's not Universe Galvatron. That explains it.

The worst toy ever conceived and produced. Currently owned by ST53.

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